Our COVIDSafe Plan

Our COVIDSafe Plan

Club Helensvale will currently have a maximum of 10 patrons dining in 1 hour sittings and the following restrictions will be adhered to for;

Social Distancing

  • All chairs removed and drinks banned from dosa areas to ensure a quick turnaround of smoking patrons.
  • Takeaway and coffee orders will be taken from reception to limit café traffic.
  • Strict social distancing of 1.5 meters between patrons will be maintained by furniture placement & close monitoring by  management
  • Floor markings in place in high traffic areas
  • Delivery drivers have been advised to use photos or electronic invoices and delivery notices
  • Product and company representatives have been advised that all business will be conducted by phone or email


  • A cleaning procedure is in place which covers frequency & chemicals to be used
  • Sanitiser stations are placed throughout the premises in both staff and patron areas
  • Signage is prominently displayed throughout the premises
  • Patrons will be instructed to use the sanitiser supplied on entry and exit from the club.
  • SDS for sanitising chemicals is attached to this plan


  • Staff have recently undergone refresher training in
    • Workplace hygiene
    • Hazardous substances
    • Cleaning
  • New training
    • Covid specific cleaning procedures and new chemicals
    • Social distancing procedures.


  • Isolation in case of suspected staff or patron infection will be in the boardroom
  • All areas the infected person had ben will be closed down until disinfected
  • Contact numbers for the relevant authorities are posted in the front of this plan

Other measures

  • Contact details of all visitors will be recorded at reception
  • Patio doors remain open for air flow with airconditioning turned off.
  • Water stations tuned off or removed
  • Condiments removed from tables