Expose Your Business to Thousands of New Customers

For the first time ever, Club Helensvale is providing the opportunity for businesses of all shapes and sizes to partner and be associated with one of Australia's leading social and sporting clubs.

We are looking to partner with like-minded business and brands.

In addition to 20,000+ members, Club Helensvale has an extensive and diverse suite of marketing, advertising and promotional assets available for our partners to leverage.

From digital assets - like our website and social media - through to signage, in-venue screens, magazines, high profile athletes, major events and more - Club Helensvale can help you expose your business to thousands of new customers.

  • Attach your brand to a highly visible, widely recognised, award winning club
  • Entrench your brand with a loyal and dedicated local audience
  • Capitalise on a diverse, direct, efficient and effective marketing opportunity for your brand
  • Grow brand awareness, acquire new customers, improve your brand reputation and grow your business
  • Opportunities to entertain clients, business prospects, reward staff, customers and other stakeholders
  • Three different levels of sponsorship available depending on your business size and needs.

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