Entry requirements & sign in regulations

Welcome to Club Helensvale.  The Club promotes an environment that is conducive to the enjoyment of all patrons and it is a condition of entry that you abide by our Code of Conduct. You would have agreed to abide by the Code of Conduct as part of your membership application, otherwise you are deemed to have agreed to abide by it while on club premises.  A copy of the Code of Conduct is available, upon request, from the reception and for more information, please contact the Club Manager.

As a licensee, a community club may refuse entry to and seek the removal of any person that is intoxicated, disorderly, creating a disturbance, is a minor (other than an exempt minor) or if the person refuses to produce evidence of age when asked.

If you look under 25 please be prepared to show a valid form of identification to our staff if requested.

Club Helensvale only accepts those forms of identification defined as ‘acceptable evidence of age’ under the Act.  These include:

  • an adult proof of age card (18+ Card)
  • a recognised proof of age card
  • Australian driver licence or learner permit
  •  foreign driver licence or
  • passport (from any country). 

Please note this evidence of age must be an original, photos or photocopies are not accepted.

Become a member of Club Helensvale and not only will you receive great member-only benefits you will also be supporting your local community. For more information about membership please click here

Dress regulations

To maintain the high standard enjoyed in our Club we respectfully enforce the following dress rules. The following dress is not permitted:

  1. Men’s Singlets & Headwear
  2. Training Apparel & Swimwear
  3. Offensive Clothing
  4. Bare Feet
  5. Faded, torn or frayed clothing & footwear
  6. Any person wearing or carrying prohibited items which are associated with a declared criminal organisation